Thank you for supporting Darren’s Ride, every dollar really counts.

Thanks for getting on board Darren's Ride
Thank you to all of the community of Darren for getting on board the ride, and helping us to raise an amazing amount, over $10,000 (so far). The “Princess” (aka Margaret) has been an absolute inspiration, and while she and her awe inspiring support team have completed their bike ride, Darren’s Ride goes on..

A recent report has revealed that the cost of motor neurone disease is up to 1000 times greater than other chronic conditions, with the per person cost in Australia in 2015 $1.1 million. The total cost of MND in Australia was $2.37 billion in 2015, comprising $430.9 million in economic costs and $1.94 billion in burden of disease costs.  Approximately 58% of people with MND are under the age of 65.  (Deloitte Access Economics Report on the Economic analysis of motor neurone disease (MND) in Australia). MND Australia has called on the Government to invest at least $20 million annually in large research projects until researchers understand the causes of MND and find an effective treatment.

Every dollar really is vital in the battle against this brutal disease that kills 2 Australians every day, and effects so many  more,  so please stay on board Darren’s Ride and and help us get to the next target, $15,000.

Thank you all so much for your continued support.