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Thank you Sensations Cafe

Thank you

Thank you Sensations Cafe and best wishes to Debbie Fitzpatrick and family…

We say a huge thank you to Debbie and her team from Sensations Cafe for all the help given to Darren’s Ride in displaying for sale Robin’s beautiful artwork. With proceeds of art sales and collection tin, a total of $758.70 was raised for Darren’s Ride to help others in their fight back against MND. All proceeds to Motor Neurone Disease Association of WA and the MNDRIA, the research arm of MND Australia.

Thank you Debbie, and wishing you and your family happy trails!

Sensations Cafe

Over $25,000 raised, thank you all very much!

Thank youOver $25,000 raised, thank you all so very much!

We say a huge thank you to all who have joined Darren’s Ride, and helped us to raise over $25,000 to fund the desperately needed medical research to find a cure for MND, and to support others in their own fight back against this awful disease.

Thank you to Robin for her beautiful handicrafts, made with so much love for Darren, which have kicked us over the line. Words really can’t express our gratitude to all those who have helped and supported us in any way on our journey so far, what a wonderful legacy we have all created for Darren, and every little dollar we can raise really does make a big difference.

Stay tuned for more updates as Darren’s Ride goes on…together we will one day get to a world free from MND.

MND Drive Southwest Adventure

mnd driveHave a beer for Darren, and for a good cause….
Lots on next weekend raising money for MND research and support, so close to Darren’s Ride’s heart. If you are in the South West pencil in your diaries now starting from Friday 21/10/2016 with the Motor Neurone Disease Association of WA charity evening at The Beer Farm as the MND Drive 2016 – Southwest Adventure to comes to town….get along Friday night and join the herd for for some beery fun and help to raise some more much needed money at the same time! Lots more happening so make sure you stay in touch with Darren’s Ride for all the details…

mnd charity

R2Rsports Busselton Spring Running Festival

mndA little bit of “Hope” can bring a lot of happiness…

These gorgeous girls loved the MND “Hope” puppies their lovely mum bought them from Darren’s Ride at the R2Rsports Busselton Spring Running Festival yesterday.

Despite the non Spring like weather, it was a great day, well done to all the competitors, volunteers and organisers. Darren’s Ride especially thanks all those who came to see us in the merchandise tent, and generously added to our funds tally for Motor Neurone Disease Association of WA and MNDRIA, the research arm of MND Australia. A special thanks also to the guys and girls from Busselton State Emergency Service for their help on the day.

cute-girls cutey-girls hope little-girls

Darren’s Ride is nudging our next fund raising target of $25,000, go to our website to check the tally and you can always make a little donation while you are there!

Art Works for Sale

sensations cafeArt from the heart …new little paintings inspired by the sea…

Don’t forget to get along to Sensations Cafe this long weekend or over the school holidays to enjoy the food and coffee, and see the beautiful little works of art on display and for sale. 5 have already gone to new homes, thank you so much to those who purchased. New works are now on display, reflecting Darren’s love of the ocean. All sale proceeds being donated to MNDA WA in support of the Darren’s Ride campaign.

Shop to support Darren’s Ride

supportShop to support Darren’s Ride.

Next Blue Illusion fashion event coming 17/09/2016…

Save the date, and get your credit cards ready,
the next Blue Illusion event is
Saturday 17/09/2016 from 12:30pm to 3:30pm.
15% of all sales will be donated to MNDA WA
in support of the Darren’s Ride fundraising initiative.

Get your friends together for some retail therapy,
and shop for beautiful French inspired clothing,
shoes, accessories & home decor, knowing you
are helping to search for a cure and to support
others in their battle against MND.




Over $21,000 raised, thank you all so much!


Over $21,000 raised, thank you all so much!

We are so very grateful for everyone’s help and support in raising an amazing amount of over $21,000. We have now set a new challenge, let’s see if we can keep Darren’s Ride going and get it to $25,000. Every dollar we can raise is so vitally important to help fund research and to support others in their battle against MND. The smallest amount can make a big difference, please don’t forget donations over $2 are tax deductable, just go to and click the donate tab or button.

“There is a cure for MND, we just havent found it yet!”

Please share the word and keep watching for more Darren’s Ride events to come…

$20,000 raised and Darren’s Ride is still going….

Thanks for getting on board Darren's RideA huge thank you to Leeuwin Estate and the Leeuwin Carpark & Parking Crew for their incredibly generous donation of $1500 to Darren’s Ride, which has taken us to over $20,000 raised so far.

This money is so very important to help in the fight back against MND, by funding research as well as support services for others who are suffering. Further research is the only way that we can find the cause, treatments and ultimately a cure.

So please help us to continue Darren’s legacy, every dollar donated is tax deductable and will help us to get to a world free from MND. If you would like to join the Leeuwin team and get on board Darren’s ride,
donate here...

By the supporting the Leeuwin concert series, you will enjoy a spectacular evening in a beautiful venue sipping fine wine, and allow other worthy causes and local charities to benefit from the hard work of the carpark crew as we have.
Go to for details.

Once again, thank you, for Darren…