Darren Whitby died of Motor Neurone Disease (MND), aged only 50. MND is a terminal progressive neurological disease which robs a person of their ability to move, eat, speak and eventually breathe. At present there is no known cause, treatment or cure. Darren lived less than the average 2.5 years after diagnosis. The survival rate is zero.

The “Community of Darren” (comprising his wife Kirsten, all his family, friends, staff and colleagues) do not want his death to be in vain, and so to give it some meaning we are launching this fundraising campaign to support research and other families going through their own battle with MND. Darren had a zest for life and along
with his quirky sense of humour,
he touched so many.

Darren’s Ride, symbolic of Darren’s ride
through life, will help to ensure his
memory lives on.

Funds raised will assist others
who suffer this cruel and debilitating
disease. The Motor Neurone Disease
Association is heavily dependant on donations
from the community, as government funding does
not cover the cost of all the services and activities it provides.


Please get on board Darren’s Ride, and click to donate…